The Vitality Big Half 2021

General and Resident entry

Minimum 17 years old

Please enter your full mobile number, including the zero at the beginning.

Your mobile number will only be used for vital event information, if there is an emergency on Race Day and to text you your race result.

Important: The postcode 'lookup' works best on Google Chrome or a mobile device. Some older versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible, so if this doesn't work for you, try using Google Chrome or a mobile device.


Please enter the full emergency contact number, including the zero at the beginning.

Please note: the emergency contact number must be different to your mobile number above. An error message will appear above if this is not the case, and you will need to correct before you are able to submit your application form.

If your club is not listed, please choose Other.

Please note: T-shirt sizing is unisex.

By entering your Vitality membership number you agree to information being passed to Vitality for the purposes of adding member Vitality points. You will receive 20 points per adult entry. Points will show on your statement as ‘manual points adjustment’ within four weeks of the event. Please note these points will not count towards active rewards.